Honoring the Past/Supporting New Growth

Passionate about harnessing innate wisdom and creativity to cultivate well-being for every member of the care partner team
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Healing the Past/Supporting New Growth

Passionate about person-directed, trauma-informed, and strengths-based approaches to care that support well-being for every member of the care partner team
My Services

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counseling and coaching in Ithaca, NY

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Compassionate, effective tools for every member of the Care Partner Team

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Educational Offerings

We are always growing, always learning…
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Consulting & Training for Organizations

Does your business have the edge in providing premium services to Elders and their care partners?

A Personal Message from Lisa K…

Please note that I have retired from my Social Work Psychotherapy Practice in Ithaca, NY, effective 2/7/2020. Please contact me at (607) 351-1313 or via email at lkendall58@gmail.com if you have questions or require information.

It has been my great privilege to serve clients, and I have grown personally and professionally from this work.  The next chapter of my life is unfolding, and I’m staying open to what this might mean in the area of my service to others. Read more about this in my new blog post.

Many thanks for the opportunity to serve in such a meaningful way; I hope you’ll stay in touch.


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