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Ageism harms our physical health and emotional wellbeing...


Many of you are aware of my work promoting change in how we view aging and Elder care. As an advocate for person-directed care, I have worked with The Eden Alternative® since 2009, and have spoken widely about the importance of understanding trauma and its impact across the lifespan.

Cultural ageism has made it very hard to move our current ideas about older people and the aging process.  The truth is that ageism harms physical and emotional health, depriving our society of the benefits that older adults bring to robust, multidimensional and intergenerational communities.

Your family, neighborhood businesses, the health care system, and therapy practices are also affected by the negative impact of ageism, which has been described as “the last socially acceptable prejudice.’”

I am pleased to offer an online exploration of ageism, including a study of Ashton Applewhite’s acclaimed book, “This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism.”  We will take a deep dive into one chapter each week, and weekly live meetings (via Zoom) will allow us to hear from each other and tap into our inner wisdom about this issue.

The Impact of AGEISM on Physical & Emotional Well-Being: a Book Study with Online Circles for Connection starts on January 24th and continues through April 1st.  New modules with discussion prompts and additional resources will arrive each Monday, and Circles are scheduled for 11 a.m. eastern time each Friday.

Please feel free to share this information with your clients, colleagues, and family members. There are three price points to help support the cost of providing this program:

  •  Students and Retirees can learn more and register HERE for a discounted rate. ($47.00)
  •  The standard price option is available HERE  ($97.00)
  •  Benefactors are appreciated for their ability to support others in attending.  Click HERE  for complete information and to register ($147.00).

You can purchase the book HERE! (I don’t earn commissions from the sale of books).

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at lkendall58@gmail.com. I’m looking forward to seeing you inside this program!

Many thanks, and take care,

Lisa K.

P.S. I co-authored the study guide that author Ashton Applewhite recommends for her book, which is based on the book study portion of this program.  If you are unable to join us for this enhanced book study, please feel free to access the guide HERE.

P.P.S. If you were registered for the study of this book that was co-hosted by me and the Ithaca College Gerontology Institute in 2017, please contact me at lkendall58@gmail.com for a special pass to the program.

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