Professional Care Partner Coaching & Consulting

Compassionate, effective tools for providing care for every member of the team

Individual Consulting

I provide a warm, supportive space to step away from life’s busy-ness to reflect on what works well for you and what you’d like to change in your family caregiving, your own life as you cope with normal aging, or in your work as a helping professional or volunteer. Together we will explore practical strategies for reclaiming balance, whatever your current challenges.


Who I work with…

I work with individuals and organizations to help them provide care, services, and products that support people as they age. I especially enjoy working with professionals in the field of aging and Elder care, whether this has been their specialty or they are new to thinking about the stage of life known as Elderhood.

I can help you support and serve your clients while finding balance in your own work and family life, and teach skills and strategies for helping Elders living with cognitive changes, health concerns, trauma and loss, and end of life issues.

In addition to direct consultation with family caregivers and Elders, I work with nurses, aides, social workers, physicians, clergy, massage therapists, yoga instructors, administrators, chiropractors, energy workers, teachers, physical therapists, first responders, and any other member of the care partner team who wants to build their skills or maintain their well-being so they can stay in service to others. 

The people I see are often feeling unsure about next steps or available options in their professional growth, seek better care for their own well-being, or want to consider how their spiritual beliefs can be incorporated into their work.


What I believe…

I believe people naturally strive for connection and meaning, and that aging and caregiving are normal passages in our life that may become complicated by cultural ageism or past trauma. I believe that people who work in the helping and healing professions need more support than they are often offered to sustain “compassion satisfaction” and avoid burn-out and compassion fatigue. And I believe that growth happens in every stage of life, including in Elderhood!

I subscribe to the philosophy of The Eden Alternative(R):

  • I believe in eliminating Loneliness, Helplessness, and Boredom for everyone on the care partner team
  • I support choice, dignity, respect, self-determination, and purposeful living for everyone I serve
  • I believe that “care” means helping another to grow
  • I promote a person-directed approach to care that puts the person first

To learn more about person-directed care, please visit www.edenalt.org


How I Work

I work from a person-directed perspective, meaning that while I may offer a framework for our work together, I understand that you are the expert in your own life, and we are partners in a journey of exploration. You are always in control of your goals.

I teach from a bio-psycho-social-spiritual/cultural perspective, which means we will always consider the interaction of what is happening in the physical body, the thinking-and-feeling self, the dynamics of social networks, and one’s unique spiritual and/or cultural context. Yes, this means people are very complicated, but it makes no sense to address one area and neglect the others!

how I work - Lisa Kendall

I am interested in dreams, fairy tales, cultural myths and legends, films and TV, and how these stories speak to the human experience. Most of all, I am interested in YOUR story, and how you see it unfolding.

Together we will review a number of practical strategies, including mindful awareness, to manage and decrease stress (for yourself and to share with your clients). The emerging field of interpersonal neurobiology is revolutionizing how we understand the healing power of relationship and connection and is giving us many tools for personal and professional growth. We will always look at things from a trauma-informed, culturally aware, evidence-based, and strengths-based perspective.

As a certified SoulCollage(R) facilitator, we might also use this creative and intuitive expressive arts form to explore what is most meaningful to you and what is active in your life. (More information about this is coming to this website soon!)

Most importantly, I collaborate with you to focus on what is working well and what speaks to your heart, and together we will build on that to make things better in your life and work.

Coaching and Consulting Services are not therapy and not covered by health insurance.

Group Coaching/Mentoring

Do you see many older people in your business, or work in the healing or helping professions?

Our health care force has been under extraordinary pressure and is at a higher-than-average risk for stress-related illness, including depression, anxiety, obesity, diabetes, and other chronic and life-threatening illness.

Perhaps you’ve felt the impact of caring for others as burnout, compassion fatigue, or as a general decline in your own health and well-being.

Or you are ready to build your own practice in the area of aging and Elder care, trauma and loss, and/or living with chronic health challenges!

In addition to individual coaching, I now offer Group Coaching & Mentoring for Professional Care Partners.  This is a twelve-week opportunity to work with a deeply committed and confidential small group in a focused and meaningful way on the goals that are most important to you.


Coaching is for you if you are ready to:

  • Regain your balance, reclaim your peace, and move forward with mutually satisfying relationships.
  • Build your practice or business in a way that effectively serves Elders and their care partners while giving you a life of abundance, meaning, and joy.
  • Learn to nurture yourself, manage stress, and improve relationships with loved ones, co-workers, and clients.
  • Cultivate your dormant creativity, connect with your Spirituality, and have the best possible physical and emotional health.

If you are ready to live fully and give to others from a full heart, please contact me for more information.

NOTE: The next cohort for Professional Care Partner Coaching/Mentoring is starting in January of 2022.

Please contact me at lkendall58@gmail.com for more information.


If you’re looking for the nitty gritty, check out my resume HERE.

Learn more about the Eden Alternative Domains of Well-Being™ HERE.

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