The Eden Alternative(R) just shared this…

“It’s been a tough two years. Countless lives have been lost. Healthcare workers are suffering from grief, loss, and trauma. Employee burnout and turnover are at an all-time high.

“As a community of care partners, we need time and space to heal. And we need the tools and support that make it possible.

“Join us for a 5-week interactive learning experience that blends self-directed learning with LIVE, online group sessions. Learn how to support your own healing and well-being, as well as the healing of others.”

It’s been my joy and privilege to develop this course with the staff at The Eden Alternative(R) and with my colleagues and fellow faculty members, Hope Carwile and Rebecca Hubbard. We will be covering the importance of non-violent communication, grief, trauma, self-care, and leadership. YOUR wisdom is an important part of this conversation!

There is more information about the offering HERE!

Please check it out and share widely. This is truly special opportunity!

Thanks and take care,

Lisa K.

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