During the Christmas Holidays, it was my pleasure to pass along the links to some truly wonderful music created by the faculty and students at the Hartt Community School of the University of Hartford, Connecticut, created for Elders and care partners to enjoy during this pandemic time.

For Valentine’s Day, and beyond, I am honored to again to serve as a conduit for this gift to the community. I hope you will enjoy these selections, lovingly prepared with you in heart and mind.

Here is the letter from Melinda Daetsch, Chair of Chamber Music at the Hartt Community School:

Dear friends and family,

This musical Valentine comes to you with love from the students of the Chamber Music and Y2C programs at the Hartt Community School, University of Hartford, CT. 

The Hartt Community School Chamber Music Program usually celebrates Valentine’s Day by giving a “Sweetheart Chamber Music Serenade” concert in a local elder care facility in West Hartford, CT. This tradition is beloved and features a luscious chocolate-themed reception at the conclusion of the chamber music concert during which the performers and their families get to visit with the residents of the facility and talk about the music.

Likewise, The Hartt Community School Y2C Program (Youth to Community teen volunteer program) usually presents inventive and unique musical outreach events throughout the greater Hartford area during the year that are adored by both participants and audiences.

Of course none of this is possible in person this year, but after having discovered that we could share our music during the December holiday season in the form of YouTube Playlists online, we have created two new Playlists to share with you that include even more performances by our young artists than were included in the December playlists!  We can’t wait to share these with you, and think that you will love them! 

Amazingly many of our young chamber groups still haven’t been able to rehearse or perform in person since March 2020, but they have been able to work with each other by creating recordings of their individual parts using online platforms (some of which have no video component) layering their musical lines like professional sound engineers!

It has been a challenge, but some impressively creative projects have emerged as you will see, and the inspired videography of Reagan Brasch has once again brought the playlists to life!

Though we miss being able to perform live and in-person, it is a true silver lining to be able to share our music virtually with many more people ~ we can really reach into places we never could have reached otherwise.   

Please feel free to share these links with any individuals or facilities you think might enjoy having some music from our young artists who really want to share their talents with people in need.

We hope that our “Music from Hartt” touches your hearts this Valentine’s weekend, and beyond.

Take good care and have a Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Heart Valentines’ Playlist, part 1 Heart


Heart Valentines’ Playlist, part 2 Heart


Image by Vesna Harni from Pixabay

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